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Hydrogeological Collections
EPA Software for Environmental Awareness
Environmental Insite Analysis and presentation software
Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Software Directory 100s of relevant programs, publishers, and vendors
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
USGS Ground-Water Software Industry-standard software from the USGS National Research Program
USGS Water Resources Applications Software Including source code and executables
US Salinity Laboratory Models Outstanding collection, emphasis on vadose zone

Adobe Framemaker
Amtec Engineering Tecplot scientific graphics software
Argus Interware Argus Open Numerical Environments
Dynamic Graphics, Inc. EarthVision software for geospatial visualization and analysis
EQuIS Geology version 2.0 Geological data base application
ESRI (Vendor of Arc/Info) Free copy of ArcView available here
Eudora Light Email Client Popular e-mail tool
TWODAN and SOLUTRANS analytical element models Fitts GeoSolutions
Forte Free Agent internet news browser
Fortner Research Ltd. Publishers of data visualization tools and compilers
FracMan Golder & Associates
gINT Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Software Integrated data management and reporting tools for geo-professionals
GIS/Key Environmental Data Management System Integrated full function data base/modeling/scientific graphics
Ground Water for Windows, v 1.31 United Nation's hydrogeological analysis applications suite
HydroGEN Graphical analysis of water quality data (Windows)
HYDROKIT 98 IAEH CD-ROM Hydrology Toolkits
iTOUGH2 Inverse Solver for TOUGH2 code, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Logiciel Pour Hydrogéologie Pump Test and Slug Test Analysis package for determination of aquifer properties for Windows French
Lahey Computer Systems Download free Fortran90 compiler here
Micro-Fem Finite-element modeling package
Minitab Statistical Software
MLPU Analytical Multiaquifer Groundwater Modeling Program
MODFLOW Help File HTML browse-able MODFLOW Help File. Shareware, $25.
PEST: model-independent nonlinear parameter estimation
SoilVision Systems Next-generation finite-element modeling and database software
The SSEC Visualization Project Advanced scientific visualization tools from the U. of Wisconsin
TECHBASE Versatile relational database with optional graphics and modeling modules
Terrain Tools Flexible, powerful, and inexpensive mapping toolkit for windows
UNCERT Geostatistical uncertainty analysis package applied to groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling
Visual MODFLOW for Windows 95/NT Waterloo Hydrogeologic, Inc.
WinStep Windows Step Test Analysis Package Shareware, $25.

Adobe Systems
AEA Technology Groundwater modeling software
Boss International Software for civil and environmental engineering
EarthSoft Environmental data management, visualization & modeling software
Easy Solve Software Low-cost, professional quality geoscience software
Environmental Simulations, Inc. Publishers of Groundwater Modeling and Aquifer Test Analysis Software
Golden Software Publishers of Surfer, Grapher and MapViewer Online vendor of hydrogeological software packages
INTERA Inc. Home Page Includes some free software and other resources
International Ground Water Modeling Center
The Numerical Algorithms Group
RockWare Earth Science Software
SAS Institute Inc
Science Technology Associates Hydro packages and Demos
The Scientific Software Group Environmental Software and Publications
Streamline Groundwater Applications Includes demo of pump test analysis software
Wolfram Research Publishers of Mathematica

General Repositories C|Net
GNU The GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Home Page
Netlib A collection of mathematical software, papers, and databases
Fortran 90 Software Repository Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG)
StatLib Index
The WinSite(tm) Archive A collection of MS Windows software

Compression/Extraction and Viewing Software
PKZip Download the latest version of PKWare's popular DOS/Win/OS2 compression/extraction utility
GZIP GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation
Ghostscript, Ghostview, & GSView Home Page Obtain Postscript viewing utility here
Adobe Acrobat Reader Utility for viewing pdf files

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